Eboocz made easy

Write your stories in a wonderful distraction-free environment and when the story is ready, hit the Create ebook! button. It’s that easy. Eboocz also lets you add meta data, select a cover image and choose a style of your choice. Eboocz is a ideal for self-publishers who want to create beautiful ebooks without having to sell their liver.

The gift of distraction-free writing

You’re not Thoreau living in a cabin on the shores of Walden Pond. Life is a distraction. Writing is hard. Focus is hard. But deep down you know what you’ve got to do and it’s time you took action. There’s only one solution. Kill your distractions! Start by quitting all apps on your Mac and turn off your phone. Step two is firing up Eboocz. Now it’s only you and the text in front of you

ePub made easy
Writing is hard, Eboocz is easy.

ePub is the standard ebook format worldwide, but up until now it was either difficult to create a proper ePub, it cost a lot of money, or often a 10% share of your profit. That’s history now. When you’ve finished writing your story, just select a style, click the Create ebook! button and you’re done. You’ve got your own ebook. Eboocz takes care of all the difficult stuff. After all, you’re a writer, not a programmer.

Choose your Style

Eboocz comes packed with simple ebook styles that are ideal for fiction writers. Each style has a set of templates created for specific sections of your book. A simple style can have a template for your title page, copyright page and chapters, but there are also more elaborate styles that have templates for a dedication page or an epigraph. Choosing a different style for every section of your book is easy. For more information see the Style page.

Styling made easy