Help is on the way

Eboocz aims to be as intuitive as possible, but I understand that certain concepts may need some explanation. That’s why I intend this page to be about helping you to get up to speed using Eboocz and if you get stuck, this is the place to look for a solution.

On this page you’ll find an ebook version of the manual, I’ll create a FAQ and you’ll find a contact form so you can send me your questions and feedback. My intention is for this to be a dynamic page. I’l try to help and adapt this page according to your needs.

You can help too!

To me, the release of version 1.0 of Eboocz is the beginning of a new adventure. I learned a lot while building Eboocz and I’ve already got lots of ideas for the next version.

But before I dive into the next phase I would like to receive your feedback on this first release. I will use your questions and feedback to build this Help page, create a FAQ and review the manual.  I will also use your feedback to make a plan for the next release. So please, get in touch and let me know what you think.

Eboocz Manual

I highly recommend you read the Introduction before you start using Eboocz. You might feel right at home from the start, but by skipping the introduction you might think you understand how it works, only to find out later you missed out on some great insights. The introduction can be downloaded on the right, or can be found within the software.

Download the Eboocz Manual here
Frequently Ask Questions!

Creating a new software product is an exciting enterprise. I started with a vision of a new product and now, after a year of hard work, the first version is finished. The first round of testers have started to use the product and now I’m collecting all your questions to build a proper FAQ. Don’t hesitate and send me your questions and feedback, because I want to build a real FAQ that’s based on real questions. Expect this section to change in the coming months.


Please send me your feedback, questions, bug reports, problems, praise, critique, suggestions and of course links to the ebooks you’ve written with Eboocz. I’ll be glad to hear from you and I’ll do my best to answer you as soon as possible.

Contact Form


Thanks for all the help

I want to thank all people that helped me build Eboocz. It’s been an exciting long haul and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, but I couldn’t have pulled it off without help of Johan and Jan, my wife and kids for supporting me all the way and all friends tand family hat helped with testing and keeping me on the right track.

About Christian Zierleyn

I live in a small Dutch town called Weesp together with my family and writing stories is the thing I love to do best. Last year I decided to publish my first story “De Champignontest” as ebook and found out that it was quite hard. That’s when I decided to build my own distraction-free ebook authoring tool.

When I’m not writing or busy with Eboocz, I am a director of the small non-profit YFU Netherlands that arranges high school exchanges and I’m a member of the municipal council of Weesp.


Photography, like writing, is all about telling a story. That’s probably why it is one of my passions. Since I loathe most stock photography, because the pictures are usually so stereotypical and boring, I decided to use old photo’s for this website. Photo’s that tell a story and that can be about anything, as long as they’re not boring.

The photo’s are from my own family archive and from the Commons on Flickr, especially from the Library of Congress, the Archief Alkmaar and the Provincial Archive Alberta. I’ve spend hours strolling through thousands of photo’s and I think it’s wonderful these pictures have been shared in the public domain. Have a look yourself! It’s addictive.